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2021-02-24 03:02
Forex Profits Ltd
Waiting » Paying
2021-02-20 08:01
Unioneworld Inc
Active » Closed ; Waiting » Closed
2021-02-20 08:01
Hyfunds Inc
OnHold » Closed ; Problem » Closed
2021-02-18 08:58
Forex Profits Ltd
Forex Profits Ltd - added to Standard Listing
2021-01-22 01:38
Hyfunds Inc
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0.5% Daily For 365 Business Days,
3% Daily For 100 Days
5% Daily For 40 Days
3% Weekly for 100 Weeks(Principal Returned)
11% Daily for 30 Calendar Days(Principal Included)
101.5% after one day
1.8% - 2.8 % daily for 15 days
1% Weekly for 365 days
0.4% - 15% Daily Forever
103% - 110% After 6 Hours
20 days 3.0% daily (Principal Return)
20 days 3.50% daily (Principal Return)
30 days 4.50% daily (Principal Return)
0.50% Daily For 500 Business, 3% Daily For 90 Days
6% Daily For 35 Days, 12% Daily For 18 Days
20% Daily For 10 Days, 150% After 1 Day
0.5% Daily 600 Days,3% Daily For 100 Days
5% Daily For 40 Days,10% Daily For 20 Days
15% Daily For 15 Days,1000% After 75 Days
655% AFTER 25 DAYS

Last Payouts

Funds Broker$1.00 PM
DollarBill$1.00 PM
W Capital$8.00 PM
Funds Broker$1.10 PM
DollarBill$2.10 PM
Funds Broker$1.00 PM

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Hyfunds Inc2021-01-15
Unioneworld Inc2020-12-20
gold trade2020-09-11

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Lifetime: 3 days
Start: 2016-09-26 -
Status: NotPaying
Invested: 50 USD
Received: 22%
Last paid: 1615 days ago
Minimum Deposit: 10 USD
Referral: 5%
Withdrawal: Manual
Pay Term: 24 hours
Added: 2016-09-26
Monitored: 1619 days
User Votes: 6 / 3
Investment Plans:
104% - 150% After 1 Day, 120% - 330% After 4 Days
160% - 650% After 8 Days, 260% - 1250% After 16 Days
900% - 500% After 35 Days,2500% After 60 Days
PerfectMoney, PMPayeer, PEBitCoin, BTCAdvCash, AC

Program description -

RC-CAPITAL LIMITED is enrolled in the United Kingdom and has the enlistment number of 10337211. At RC-CAPITAL LIMITED, we have a really connected with, all around prepared group of exchanging specialists to help our clients in the realm of speculation. We work intimately with first time and less experienced financial specialists and prompt and backing our customers with the best data from our specialists to acknowledge most extreme benefits with least hazard. Working with our organization, REAL CAPITAL, will help our financial specialists settle on the savvy venture choices and achieve lucrative returns. The principal goal of the REAL CAPITAL LIMITED is to get the most astounding benefits conceivable from exchanging on the outside trade and Cryptocurrency trade markets. In the event that you are longing for gaining on the effective capability of Forex and Cryptocurrency exchanging, get on REAL CAPITAL - your speculation motor which will convey you to more riches and success. Our group of exceedingly expert merchants endeavors to guarantee respectable salary to each of our financial specialists. Our fundamental mission is to give quality monetary arrangements and administrations to customers who look for expert exhortation and worth connections in light of trust and efficiency. Financial specialists can look over an assortment of bundles according to their system. We solidly trust that each customer is exceptional and each speculation arrangement must be special. If you don't mind discover more data on speculation terms in your own record. We mean to make values and guarantee solid money related returns by sourcing for the most appealing speculations open doors in developing markets. LIMITED CAPITAL is guided by a recognized Board of Directors and by an accomplished Management Team with assorted business foundations and the solid feeling of duty. We are keen on long haul and beneficial participation with every speculator. To value the advantages we offer you, you ought to simply open a record in REAL CAPITAL and guarantee an abnormal state and nature of our work. Our dealers are a solid group of experts who are doing extremely well on even the least secure markets. High hazard offers significant yields and the craft of a merchant is the capacity to take however much of it as could be expected all the time.

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Registration Date:2016-08-17
Expiration Date:2021-08-16
Last Updated Date:2016-08-17

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2016-10-03 03:25
  OnHold » Closed ; Paying » NotPaying
2016-09-30 02:45
  Moved to OnHold section due to selective payouts. Please stop investing there.
2016-09-27 13:14
  Waiting » Paying
2016-09-26 11:26 - added to Standard Listing

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2016-09-30 02:35:00
3rd payment received from -

Date: 2016-09-29 16:53:00
Batch: 148228512
From Account: U12864327
Amount: $2
Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to InvestRecord from
2016-09-28 13:33:00
2nd fast payment received from -

Date: 2016-09-28 14:49:00
Batch: 148093194
From Account: U12864327
Amount: $5
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2016-09-27 13:14:00
The first fast payment received from -

Date: 2016-09-27 14:22:00
Batch: 147969608
From Account: U12864327
Amount: $4
Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to InvestRecord from
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