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Nov 18th, 2017
Status: Paying
12% - 13% - 15% Daily for 12 Days
Nov 14th, 2017
Status: Paying
102.5% - 120% After 1 Day 131% - 360% After 7 Days 172% - 1100% After 15 Days
Nov 11th, 2017
Charisma Finance
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8% - 10% per day for 15 days 115% - 5000% after 7-105 days
Nov 10th, 2017
Automatic Currency Operations
Status: Paying
9% daily for 12 days,7% daily for 17 days 5% daily for 28 days,4% daily for 50 days
Status: Paying
Variable returns for 30-150 days (Princiapl Back) Income from 35% Monthly
Nov 8th, 2017
Status: Paying
4% Daily for 40 Days, 0.3% Hourly for 450 Hours
Nov 6th, 2017
Status: Problem
12% - 16% Daily for 12 Days
Nov 5th, 2017
Status: Problem
6.25%-8.75% for 4 days, principal back, accruals per second
Nov 2nd, 2017
Status: Paying
11% daily for 10 days 200% after 5 days 250% after 3 days
Nov 1st, 2017
Payvic Limited
Status: Paying
2% - 3.5% Daily for 90 Business Days 5% - 7% Daily For 40 Business Days 10% - 12% Daily For 20 Business Days

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0.1-10% daily, depends on a Trade Group offer
12% - 13% - 15% Daily for 12 Days

   Evacorp LTD - HYIP Details

Lifetime: 6 days
Start: 2017-04-10
Evacorp LTD -
Status: NotPaying
Invested: 200 USD
Received: 9%
Last paid: 218 days ago
Minimum Deposit: 5 USD
Referral: 6%
Added: 2017-04-12
Monitored: 222 days
User Votes: 4 / 2
Investment Plans:
102% after 1 day (principal included)
2.5% - 3.5% daily for 2 - 18 days days, principal return
PerfectMoney, PMPayeer, PEBitCoin, BTCAdvCash, AC

Program description Evacorp LTD -

Evacorp LTD — it is an international Internet project Quick loans in constant demand already more 20 years. Our company works in the sphere of microcrediting already 9 years. Over the years we have helped over thousands semistar people! We have a team of professionals whose goal is the creation of a money turnover by microcredit. Microcredit is different from other consumer loans some features. In the first place - the available loan amount. At registration of a microloan, the borrower can get a small amount of debt. Another feature of microcredit is the procedure for their issuance. We used that to get consumer loan, the borrower is obliged to undergo several verification processes to collect the necessary documents. In the case of payday loans this can be avoided. Without more tests reduces the time of issue loan. And loans online even more streamlines and facilitates this process. Our Finance company, like all others involved in such activities, receives income on micro-credit through interest rates. Microcredit — this is an opportunity for people to obtain a small amount of money online on the necessary. People sometimes can just do not have some money in order to buy or «stretching» just a few days until the next paycheck, etc. In such cases, comes to the rescue the microcredit. That is why this sphere of activity will always be relevant and in demand!

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IP:   Sites hosted together with Evacorp LTD
Registrar:TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd. /
Registration Date:2017-03-31
Expiration Date:2018-03-31
Last Updated Date:2017-03-31

News related to Evacorp LTD -

2017-04-24 14:11
  OnHold » Closed ; Problem » NotPaying
2017-04-17 01:22
  Waiting » Problem
2017-04-16 10:47
  Active » OnHold ; Paying » Waiting
2017-04-14 00:12
  Waiting » Paying
2017-04-12 19:44
  Evacorp LTD - added to Top Performer Listing

Last 10 votes about Evacorp LTD -

RatingDate / UserComments
2017-04-15 06:42:00
2nd instant payment received from Evacorp LTD -

Date: 2017-04-15 01:33:00
Batch: 172827478
From Account: U12119901
Amount: $7.8
Memo: API Payment. Payment from the project Evacorp LTD for InvestRecordCom.
2017-04-14 00:12:00
The first instant payment received from Evacorp LTD -

Date: 2017-04-14 01:24:00
Batch: 172720180
From Account: U12119901
Amount: $9.54
Memo: API Payment. Payment from the project Evacorp LTD for InvestRecordCom.
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